VITAS Advantage: Open Formulary for Assisted Living Facilities

While adjustments will occur as part of a patient's shift from curative care to hospice, they don't have to give up all treatments.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

How VITAS Helps You

If your resident is ready for hospice, they may be hesitant to give up the medications prescribed as part of their curative treatment. They may fear a tumultuous transition from one medicine to the next or worry that their symptoms won’t be properly addressed.

VITAS maintains an open formulary to ensure that patients can continue the medications that help improve symptoms and quality of life. With guidance from VITAS medical directors and hospice physicians, your residents’ wishes and goals near the end of life will be incorporated into a care plan that meets their clinical, emotional and spiritual needs–including the continuation of any prescriptions required for their primary diagnosis.

We partner with your residents’ specialists and primary care physicians to facilitate hospice access and provide residents with the smoothest possible transition to VITAS hospice care.

Open Formulary With 24/7 Clinical Support

With VITAS, your residents have access to medications related to their primary diagnosis. VITAS clinicians are always available to answer questions for your staff. When a VITAS patient in your facility becomes acutely symptomatic or noncompliant, VITAS can send a clinician at any time–day, evening, weekend or holiday–to provide assistance and administer medication.

VITAS medical directors and team nurses are available to ensure compliance and optimal symptom relief through direct intervention and education for staff, caregivers and family members.

Non-Pharmacologic Treatment

To complement our open formulary, VITAS integrates non-pharmacologic approaches to symptom relief and improved quality of life, including but not limited to:

  • Respiratory therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Paw Pals® pet visits
  • Massage therapy

Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

VITAS maintains its own home medical equipment division, allowing for seamless transitions to hospice and quick delivery of important equipment and other necessities directly to ALF residents who are hospice-eligible, including:

  • ADL assist devices
  • Oxygen
  • Nebulizers
  • CPAP and BiPAP
  • Walkers and canes
  • Tub seats and bedside commodes
  • Incontinence and wound care supplies