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The Hospice Doctors Who Still Make House Calls

Hospice Comes to Your Home

People think that doctors who make house calls went the way of the horse-drawn carriage. But hospice patients and their families open their doors to dedicated doctors for whom house calls are just another day at the office.

“We bring our care to patients; they don’t come to us,” explains one hospice physician. “And in return, I am encouraged to spend more time with them. I get to know our patients and their families. I can answer questions, calm fears. Hospice is very rewarding to a physician.”

Hospice Doctors Available 24 Hours A Day

Hospice professionals can be available to their patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If patients have a medical crisis, they shouldn’t have to choose between the comforts of home and the round-the-clock care of hospitalization. Ask the hospice you are considering how they provide after-hours and emergency care and comfort.

A Smart Choice

In a time of heroic medical effort and high-tech procedures, hospice patients choose something more old-fashioned: comfort, dignity, home. There is calm, not crisis. There are laughter, tears and time to make memories. House calls may seem old fashioned, but they are smart medicine.

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