Working at VITAS
April 3, 2020

7 Ways to Prepare for a Successful VITAS Job Interview

You applied to an open position at VITAS and received a call for an interview. We're excited to talk with you!

Here are some preparation tips that can help make our conversation meaningful.

General Job Interview Tips

Two women shake hands at a job interview
  1. Research healthcare, hospice, VITAS, and topics specific to the role for which you are interviewing. A general understanding of what VITAS does and the role you would play as a part of the VITAS team will make for a better conversation.
  2. Dress appropriately. A professional and polished appearance helps make a good first impression and projects responsibility and capability.
  3. Come prepared to answer a wide range of questions about your background, both educational and professional. You’ll be asked why this job would be a good fit for your skills and what you’d bring to VITAS.
  4. What do you want to know? Prepare several questions for your interviewer about VITAS or the role for which you’re being considered. Your questions show your interest in the company and ensure that you have a productive interview.
  5. Offer to provide required paperwork, such as digital copies of your resume, professional licenses or any other information you think the interviewer might find valuable. Don’t hesitate to ask the recruiter any questions or concerns about what to provide. Before you wrap up, ask your recruiter if you should email any additional documents to your interviewer.
  6. Review and explore the VITAS social media platforms. We are on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Familiarize yourself with the company and check specific job details pertaining to the role you are applying for.
  7. Be confident and positive. A good attitude during the interview can make all the difference for a hiring manager who is deciding how to create a well-rounded team. And, as studies show, a smile always helps!

Tips for a Video Job Interview

A man sits at a table with his laptop

Your interview may be held via videoconference. Here are five bonus tips to help ensure a seamless video experience.

  1. Find a quiet, well-lit place that is free of distractions or possible interruptions by other people or pets.
  2. Test the process. At least 30 minutes before your interview, test the hyperlink, your login credentials, and the stability of your internet connection.
  3. Check your computer’s webcam and audio to ensure they’re working. During the interview, close any unnecessary browser tabs or applications that could interrupt the conversation.
  4. Position the camera so that you are centered on the screen and looking up slightly. If you wear glasses, position the camera to avoid glare.
  5. Keep necessities nearby. A copy of your resume, a glass of water, and a notepad and pen are all useful to have on hand.