Florida Visitation Policy

Excerpt regarding Florida Visitation Rights from VITAS Standard VIPU Manual and VITAS Management Standard VIPU


Visitors will receive an orientation document known as a WINK (“What I Need To Know”) specific to the VIPU or Host Facility.

The VITAS clinical manager is responsible for ensuring that staff adhere to infection control and visitation policies.

Hospice patient in Free Standing Inpatient Facility: Hospice patients receiving inpatient or respite services in a VITAS freestanding inpatient facility (VIPU), may receive visitors at any hour, including infants and children.

  • VITAS will accommodate family members of the hospice patient that wish to stay overnight in the VIPU.

Hospice patient in Non-Hospice Host Facility: For patients receiving inpatient or respite services in non-hospice settings, such as in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (non-hospice Host Facility), VITAS contractually requires those facilities to allow hospice patients to receive visitors at any hour, including infants and children, as required by the Medicare Conditions of Participation.

  • Family members are permitted to stay overnight in non-hospice inpatient settings.

Visitors must follow all signage posted related to, but not limited to, infection control on the VIPU as well as the Host Facility.

Designation of Essential Caregiver

  • The hospice patient may but is not required to designate an essential caregiver and the essential caregiver will not be required to provide necessary care to the patient
  • VITAS defines essential caregivers as any caregivers identified in the patient’s medical record or any additional visitors requested by the patient/legal rep

Length of Visitation

  • The length of the visitation is dependent on the ability of VITAS to provide services to all patients.

Number of Visitors

  • The number of visitors at one time will be based on fire safety risk and the ability of VITAS to provide services to all patients

Consensual physical contact between the patient and visitor permitted

Infection Control Procedures (including Personal Protective Equipment) 

  • Effective 4/10/20, each visitor to the VIPU and the Host Facility must wear a cloth face cover during their entire visit
  • Visitors should supply their own face covering
    • One will be provided if available
  • Visitors must go directly to the hospice patient’s room and may only visit in patient room and utilize patient facilities for hand washing and restroom
  • If a patient is placed on isolation precautions, please follow the directions posted prior to entering the room
    • An isolation sign will be placed outside the patient’s room if the patient requires isolation precautions.
    • Visitor must follow posted Visitor Isolation Precautions
  • A VITAS nurse will provide any necessary training
  • Personal Protective Equipment shall be provided



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