VITAS Advantage: High-Acuity Care for Patients in Assisted Living Facilities

If your resident is coping with aggressive symptoms or unmanaged pain, makes frequent visits to the ED or has been readmitted to the hospital, VITAS can help.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

When most people approach the end of life, they want to be in the familiar setting of their assisted living facility (ALF) or community.

Certain patients may require complex modalities of care that are difficult to deliver outside of a hospital, but with help from the right hospice provider, even difficult symptoms can by managed in the patient’s preferred setting of care.

How VITAS Helps You

  • VITAS specializes in patients who require high-acuity care, patients for whom other hospice programs may lack resources or expertise to provide the necessary care.
  • Ongoing clinical support allows residents whose advanced illness makes them eligible for hospice care to age in place and remain comfortable, improving quality of care and associated metrics for our ALF partners.

Individualized Care Plan in Preferred Setting of Care

VITAS develops a unique care plan for each of its patients, based on their medical needs, end-of-life wishes and goals of care.

  • We tailor our care plans to patients’ wishes and goals at the end of life, producing more favorable outcomes for them, their families, caregivers and your staff.
  • For most residents of assisted living facilities, this means receiving care where they currently live.
  • Personalized hospice care plans are reviewed and updated regularly to meet a patient’s varying needs throughout their disease trajectory, helping them stay in place and achieve an ideal death in their preferred setting.

Improved Quality of Care

No matter how complex or challenging your resident’s symptoms, VITAS offers hospice and palliative care solutions and protocols that many other hospice providers do not, improving quality of care and patient comfort. Our interdisciplinary team is there for your resident and their family, ensuring that all questions and concerns are answered as quickly as they arise.

24/7 Clinical Support

With VITAS, your ALF staff has 24/7 backup. VITAS clinicians are always available to answer questions and educate your staff. When a resident patient becomes acutely symptomatic or noncompliant, VITAS can send a clinician at any time–day, night, weekend or holiday–to provide assistance and relief, reducing your staff’s burnout and stress. VITAS can also provide training to ensure your entire team is familiar with the modalities of hospice and palliative care.