VITAS Advantage: Complex Modalities

VITAS is equipped to take on patients who require complex modalities—patients for whom other hospice providers may lack resources or expertise to provide the necessary care.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

All hospices provide core services, our ability to offer complex modalities is what sets us apart. No matter how complex or challenging your patient’s symptoms, VITAS offers hospice and palliative care solutions and protocols that many other hospice providers do not.

For Hospitals

Patients and families report higher satisfaction with care when symptoms are successfully managed at home; our complex modalities offerings facilitate quick care transitions from acute care settings, further impacting patient experience.
A patient in a hospital bed

For Physicians

When you refer to VITAS, you can trust our interdisciplinary hospice teams to initiate the complex modalities that your patient requires to manage symptoms and achieve comfort in their preferred setting of care.
A patient

For Senior Living Communities

Communities with residents requiring complex interventions can benefit from VITAS’ collaborative approach in aggressively managing symptoms to avoid and ED visit or hospitalization.
A man seated


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