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Testimonials are a way for family members and patients to share their VITAS experience with others who may be considering hospice care for a loved one.

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How was your experience with VITAS?

May 2024

5 stars

My Marie. She is my person. She has my back. She does everything to ease my pain. I LOVE HER.

Leah I.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

VITAS took care of my husband during the last few months of his life. It was during COVID, and I was very isolated because of his health. The whole team was amazing. The nurses, chaplain and my support person were kind, caring, and responsive. Anything my husband needed was provided immediately. He was very cared for.

And after he passed, I received grief support, which was amazing.

If you are in need of hospice care, I wouldn't call anyone else.

Teri E.
Northern and Central Illinois, IL

5 stars

My mom was a hospice patient of VITAS. The care and treatment plan in our hospice journey was outstanding. The care team was very professional and knowledgeable and shared with us her treatment plan and care. Equipment ordered was delivered within 24 hours, and medications ordered were delivered within 24 hours. I could not have provided my mom's care and hospice journey at her home without them.

My mom's journey was peaceful and in her own home surrounded by her family. Thank you for your excellent and exceptional care during this time of not just her but of her family as well. Follow-up post passing has been wonderful as well, with resources given to help with grief. Again, with much gratitude, thank you.

Lori P.
St. Louis, MO

5 stars

I really appreciate the VITAS staff. They are compassionate, caring, and loving and treat my mom like family.

Boswell E.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

We can’t thank VITAS enough for caring for our loved one. From day one, they treated us like we were part of their family! The VITAS family are warm, caring, compassionate and loving. They took the time to get to know the patient and us as the family.

Whatever we needed, they provided to us very quickly. We never had to wait for prescriptions to arrive. They did everything they said they would do each and every time.

We would like to give special thanks to our nurse, Belinda! What a caring woman! She truly cares about her patients and checks in on them often. What an angel from God!

We also want to acknowledge Rolinda, the nurse's aide. When she came, she always had a smile on her face! She talked to the patients, made them laugh and was extremely professional with the patient. We loved both of these women, and they will continue to be a part of our family forever.Thank you so much, VITAS, for making a sad situation one in which we felt very comfortable and at ease when our loved one passed!

Highly recommend VITAS!

Karla B.
Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

5 stars

The caregivers, Barbara and Bozena M., were absolutely wonderful when caring for my brother. They were kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and comforted not only my brother but also the family.

Bo was amazing all the time, but especially at the end of life. Very professional and compassionate. They helped make the hospice experience beautiful and gave dignity to the end-of-life experience.

Louise O.
Chicagoland, IL

5 stars

My spouse, Victor G., was in a lot of distress this past weekend. Kevin, his regular nurse, came Saturday morning and assessed him. Immediately, he took control and arranged for continuous care for Victor! An amazing team! I was really worried about him, but they took over! Thank you, VITAS, for putting me at ease.

Catherine G.
Seminole, Orange, and Osceola Counties, FL

April 2024

5 stars

This was a hard decision to make. Once me and my siblings met Christian, my mom's nurse, we knew we had made the perfect choice. She went above and beyond her call of duty. She treated my mom with the upmost respect. Her care, and compassion was top tier. She treated my mother as if it was her very own. It showed in the way she handled her and cared for her needs.

I will forever be grateful and thankful for the team that was put together to tend to my mother in her final days. VITAS, you all sent some angels that truly helped my mother in divine ways. And when she finally made her transition it was glorious. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!

Leslie H.
Atlanta, GA

5 stars

The care of Team 156 was above and beyond. From the office staff to Dr. K. to the many nurses and aides, I have nothing but the highest praise and deepest thanks. They made an impossible situation bearable. Thank you all again, from my soul to yours!

Ronald J.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

To our wonderful Team 145, our family is forever grateful for your loving care, kindness, and concern for our mother, Marion, and our family.

You were all (Dr. S., nurses, LPNs, aides, social workers and chaplain) by my family’s side when my mother died. You were truly blessings from above.

I especially would like to thank Mom’s nurse, Peta, for always personally reaching out to me, giving current updates and checking to see if there was anything she can do for my family. Mom had been on a roller coaster with her health status for a while, which had been extremely stressful for us. Peta always made sure that we were also doing well and explained the dying process. She is truly the epitome of what hospice represents.

Thank you for being there for our mother. You truly made her time more peaceful and more comfortable in her last days.

Andrea M.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

Dr. Andy, nurse Yolanda and entire staff were extremely caring during the most difficult time of my life. Keep up the good work. You’re the best!

Joseph S.
Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, FL

5 stars

Jennifer L. was so caring and gracious during this difficult time. She made things happen quickly and efficiently. Ten stars for Jennifer!

Susan B.
Philadelphia, PA

March 2024

5 stars

My father had terminal lung cancer, and VITAS helped me care for him for more than the last year of his life. Sarah R. was his nurse. She was there when he needed her. She was kind to him and very informative when we had questions.

The VITAS chaplain, Roberta W., cared for Dad. She would visit him regularly and they had good talks. Dad would tell me about their visits. Roberta was not just Dad’s chaplain; she was mine. We started talking just after he was placed in hospice care. She gave a name to the heavy feeling in my heart. Actually, she introduced me to my new companion in this journey: Anticipatory grief. And then just grief. I could call her any time and she would call me regularly. I recently texted her to thank her and to give her an update. She responded immediately.

Bernice was a special, sweet soul who would come by, file his nails, and rub lotion in his hands. She established an immediate connection with him.

I am so thankful for VITAS. The relationships their staff formed with my dad and me were precious to us both. They helped me breathe. They embraced him during the last part of his earthly journey.

Robyn P.
Virginia and Washington, D.C.

5 stars

VITAS Team 154—social worker Bree, plus nurses Elvia, Elaine, Olive, Greta, Cutie, and Paulette—has been caring for my mom as we prepare for her transition. I have to say they are the BEST and as a team have made this time easy for my family.

They have provided the best care for my mom compared to the regular staff at the nursing home. I feel comfortable leaving my mom knowing they are there and will call us with on-time updates. They answer all questions. The comfort and compassion given to my mom and my family have been invaluable and well worth a five-star review.

Rae M.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

VITAS was a blessing from heaven for my mom. They took care of her with lots of love and care. The workers are very kind and helpful. They are available 24/7. I highly recommend VITAS Healthcare for anyone who needs help and care for their loved ones.

Maria Emily R.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

The staff from VITAS has been exceptional. The nurses we've had at our home taking care of my father have been super attentive and caring. Dr. N. has done a better job treating him than all the doctors he has had in the past two years combined.

I didn't know what to expect when first calling upon hospice care, but it didn't take long for the staff to help us understand and feel comfortable about the care my father would be receiving.

I am grateful for everything VITAS has provided. The VITAS team has far exceeded my expectations. My family and I are so grateful to them and only wish there was a way we could pay them back. Thanks, VITAS.

Carl B.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

I want to thank VITAS Healthcare in Greenville for the care that is shown to my friend, Flud. Jessica the aide and Cori the nurse have shown me numerous ways of how I can better help take care of her. I am thankful and would recommend this company to anyone who needs the help. Thank you for the patience and care you have shown during our time of need.

Cynthia H.
Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

5 stars

VITAS has been such an incredible help for both my mother and I. Before I made the decision to call VITAS, I was very overwhelmed and exhausted with my situation at home. Once I made the decision to move forward with VITAS, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I feel such a sense of relief both physically and mentally since I decided to use their services. Any time I have a situation that needs immediate attention, I am confident in their ability to quickly attend to my mother’s needs.

The medical team are an amazing group of supportive, understanding, compassionate, and dedicated people. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them in my life. I am so grateful to them. I highly recommend their services to anyone!

Cheryl G.
Orange County, FL

February 2024

5 stars

The staff was efficient and quick from the day my grandma qualified for palliative care. As her grandchild and caregiver, I had no idea what to expect from palliative care to hospice. However, Gemma helped me and encouraged me to do more than I thought was possible.

Gemma treated my grandma like a queen and gave her all the attention she needed, which made her smile.

Additionally, the chaplain's support during my grieving process was a huge help.

Stephanie M.
Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, CA

5 stars

Thanks to everyone who helped my late husband at the end of his journey. You have demonstrated incredible professionalism and sympathy. Thank you to Dan, Mathew, Jennifer, and all the 24-hour nurses who took good care of him in the last three days of his life. I truly appreciate everything you did for him and my family.

Ariel C.
East Bay, CA

5 stars

My family and I cannot thank VITAS enough for what they did for our family.

My mom has always lived in her own home until she broke her hip at 90 years young. She was in a rehabilitation facility for a short period of time, and her health was declining quickly. We wanted to get my mom home so she could spend her last few days at home.

The VITAS team worked with us to quickly get my mom home so we could take care of her there and spend quality time with her. All of the nurses that assisted my mom were kind and compassionate. They also assisted my brother and I in knowing how to make my mom comfortable at home. The chaplain, Roland, was engaging and really listened and cared to hear about my mom's life.

My mom passed away within a week of coming home. She was in her own bed and surrounded by people she loved.

Chaplain Mike came to the house the day my mom passed, did a blessing, and sat with our family. The social worker who came to the house after my mom passed was so empathetic and helpful to us. She contacted the funeral home and ensured all the arrangements were made.

We cannot thank VITAS and their caring team enough for what they did for our family. Thank you, thank you!

Susan L.
Polk, Highlands and Hardee Counties, FL

5 stars

The care my uncle is receiving under the gaze of your employee, Marlen G., is nothing short of exceptional. Our family is out of state, and her regular updates and sensitive heart allow us to confront this difficult moment with comfort. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and sheer kindness are commendable, and she deserves every accolade you can give her for going above and beyond.

Erika F.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

All I can say is a huge thank-you to all who cared for my dear friend Pat. She was so well cared for and loved by everyone who came from VITAS.

We were so supported as well. We have only praise for the nurses and all who attended us in such a hard emotional time.

Pat is completely healed in Heaven and we are at peace. Thank you, VITAS!!!!!!

Jane B.
Pensacola, FL

5 stars

Many thanks to VITAS for their support and care of my father during his 13-week stay in my home. With the excellent care of the medical team and support staff, we were able to keep my father in our home until he passed away. This was an important goal for our family that VITAS helped make possible.

The VITAS team was extremely competent, very compassionate, and genuinely caring throughout the entire process. In particular, during my father's last days, their support went above and beyond what I expected. Their kindness and caring toward my father and our family during that difficult time was wonderful and truly appreciated. Thank you!

Rick B.
Chicagoland, IL

January 2024

5 stars

We’ll be forever grateful for the loving, humane, and expert care my 98-year-old mother received from VITAS Team 142 at home during her last days. Everything rolled smoothly from the moment we enrolled her at the hospital, just before she was discharged from a short stay, until she passed.

We felt supported and guided through the process. No questions went unanswered and every doubt was cleared with utmost respect for our feelings.

At the risk of forgetting some names we want to give special thanks to Dr. Silvia N.; Marie D., RN; Amy G., RN; Jessica E., social worker; and Mr. Barry C., VITAS manager. Lastly, but not least, thank you to all the day and night hospice aides that tenderly kept our mother comfortable.

Ana V.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

Just have to say how lucky we were to get VITAS taking care of my son, Eric N., when he was put on hospice, and especially taking him as a charity patient after he lost his Medicaid.

The best experience was being fortunate enough to have Erica D. as his nurse. She's a very special lady—always cheerful, caring, a great singer—and Eric loved her. She ALWAYS made him feel better. They had the same humor and were always cracking each other up. We love her like family.

I thank God every day that we were so blessed through our ordeal having VITAS and your nurse, Erica, to get us through it. THANK YOU!!!

Jackie P.
Pensacola, FL

5 stars

I was unfamiliar with the benefits of hospice for Alzheimer’s patients like my mom, and I had never heard of integrating hospice services into assisted living. Sue, the admission nurse, patiently explained it to me, gave me literature, and assured me that it was ultimately my choice.

She was clearly speaking from a wealth of experience and from genuine compassion for patients who have lost the ability to speak for themselves.

I’m so glad my mom had VITAS looking out for her at the end.

Lia G.
Milwaukee, WI

5 stars

My mom was in hospice for five years and had three different agencies. VITAS was absolutely wonderful: Responsive, always available, kind, and compassionate. Losing my 104-year-old mom was tough but survivable with their help. Forever grateful.

Lise G.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

Thank you to VITAS Healthcare for their great home hospice support.

Once my mother entered their program, an army of help arrived without delay. The nurse administrator came the same day at 6:00 p.m. That was followed over the next few days with medical technicians and nurses daily. A social worker/counselor was provided for both the patient and family members. Care products and comfort medicine were provided and prescribed.

VITAS even arranged last rites. Another chaplain came by and was great to talk with. He did a wonderful job checking if our family was doing OK.

Going into this process, I did not fully understand what home hospice involved, but it was a tremendous help in managing my mother's end-of-life. VITAS had a comprehensive plan from the get-go that took much of the burden off our family. They demonstrated a sense of urgency in providing support.

Upon my mother's passing, VITAS executed their pronouncement and transportation plan, which also was a great help. I highly recommend families consider home hospice care and the VITAS team. Thank you to Connie, Richard, Emily, Andral, and others in the Dayton, Ohio office.

Barry L.
Dayton, OH

5 stars

I received your newsletter in the mail today. It touched on so many issues that I am still having. My wife passed away in July at St. Mary’s Hospital. Your organization was extremely helpful and supportive. No, they went well beyond what I just said. I just can’t think of words strong enough for all that they did.

Charles K.

5 stars

Angels and messengers. A deep truly heartfelt thanks to the VITAS team.

My dad's health was on rapid decline. After my dad was bedridden, it was nearly impossible to take care of his basic needs without the expertise of these well-trained, caring, loving team members.

They all came in with one thing in mind: integrity! Wow, they took care of my dad and supported our family before, during, and after my dad's final moments.

These special people need recognition for their dedication and time: Jocelyn, Daisy, Yolanda, Carlos, Mixie, Katia, June, Karen, Jose, Jairo, Gaith, and Maylin. My apologies if I missed anyone else who was involved.

A special recognition to RN Carlos P., who was extremely attentive and went above and beyond his call of duty to my dad's specific needs every time he came in. Carlos made my dad comfortable and made an impact on dad's care, even in his last moments.

We're forever in your debt. Thank you, VITAS team.

Margaret A.
Broward County, FL

5 stars

I sincerely thank VITAS hospice, where staff care to make a difference to the patients they support, including my sister, Christine, in palliative care.

The amazing people are: Dr. Hita S. and her team of doctors and nurses; Rebecca M., head of social services; and all the team of security in main lobby, particularly Jerry, who was so kind to always look after me, a visitor from Greece, to find a taxi home and make sure I did not get in the wrong one! Which I nearly did once.

I give all your staff five stars for the politeness and dignity with which they treat everyone and for their help to the patients they are attending.

Teresa M.
Broward County, FL

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