VITAS Advantage: High-Acuity Care

VITAS is equipped to care for patients with high-acuity needs for whom other hospices lack the required resources or expertise.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

All hospices provide core services, our ability to provide high-acuity care sets us apart. No matter how complex or challenging a patient’s symptoms, VITAS offers hospice and palliative care solutions and protocols that many other hospice providers do not.

For Hospitals

Patients who require high-acuity care can put a strain your hospital’s resources and negatively affect your performance rankings. VITAS can help by transitioning your patients with advanced illness to hospice.
A patient in a hospital bed

For Physicians

Patients with high-acuity needs may require care that is difficult to deliver outside of a hospital, long-term care or skilled nursing facility. VITAS develops a unique care plan for each patient.
2 clinicians with a patient

For Senior Living Communities

If your resident requires high-acuity care due to aggressive symptoms, unmanaged pain or frequent visits to the ED, VITAS can provide that level of care to support your resident in your community.
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