Interoperability for Streamlined Hospice Referrals

The VITAS Proprietary Hospice Referral System 

At VITAS Healthcare, we've developed the first live, two-way hospice referral system of its kind. Provided at no cost, our proprietary system is designed to interface with hospital and health system EMR technology, increasing the efficiency of your case managers and reducing the hospice response time. Instantly, VITAS knows you have a patient who is potentially appropriate for hospice services. Instantly, we can alert your VITAS admissions coordinator. 

VITAS admissions representatives are rapid-dispatched via a hand-held mobile device. Response times are reduced as patient referrals are processed immediately through our digital workflow network. 

VITAS Healthcare has a reputation for expertly transitioning complex patients from the hospital to a more optimal environment, such as their private residence, nursing home, ALF, SNF, a dedicated VITAS inpatient unit or a hospital contract bed. Our hospice referral system adds mobility to your patient management. 

Seamless Interoperability 

Our hospice referral system is transparent, efficient, technologically advanced and clinically accurate. It is easy to use, easy to share, easy to update. As your partner, VITAS Healthcare coordinates the care of your most fragile patients for you. 

Efficient care transitions are key to providing quality patient care and to retaining full Medicare reimbursement. Our hospice referral system makes these transitions seamless. In addition, it has the ability to interface with many existing technologies, like HealthGrid. 

Why Use Our Hospice Referral System? 

  • Seamless interoperability between VITAS and your referral source system 
  • Satisfies many key requirements of CMS’ Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3) proposed measures 
  • Automated and rules-based transmission process with little to no staff intervention 
  • HIPAA compliant and encrypted data transfer 
  • Zero transcription error rate 
  • Shortened hospice referral response times 

Multiple Interface Options

1. Direct Interface

Access to web service APIs; VITAS can customize APIs as needed. Currently support SOAP-based XML and JSON REST services.

1. Direct Interface

2. Direct Addressing

CCDA via secure and encrypted direct addressing for health information exchanges only.

2. Direct Addressing

3. Partner Intermediary

Access via existing HIT partners like HealthGrid.

3. Partner Intermediary

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